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LD42W / LD42A


LD42A and LD42W are powerful, IP68 rated miniature recessed LED wall lights. Designed for applications where low glare is important, the lens assembly is set back behind a glare shield and interior finishes black anodised. The LD42A utilises a special film which focuses the light downwards by 20°. This is particularly useful in low level applications like step lighting. Behind the machined bezel the glass is held in place by a gasket so no glue line is seen. Photometric data is available in the design pack.


Bathroom and Mirror, External, Floor Wash, Steps, Yacht Lighting, Pathway, RLE - Replaceable Light Engines, (50lm-200lm) Miniature range


Spring clips /SC, /480 Fixing sleeve and O-rings (recommended)

LED Information

NICHIA C1 LED Engine: 1.2W @ 350mA (LD42W/A-C1-350),1.7W @ 500mA (LD42W/A-C1-500)


316 Stainless Steel bezel, hard anodised aluminium body, 3.3mm borosilicate glass

IP Rating

IP68 - Not for permanent submersion (use LD242A)


LD42W / LD42A
LD42WARARC1-13 Datasheet
LD42W / LD42A
Design Pack
LD42W / LD42A
Photometric LDT
LD42W / LD42A
Install Instructions
LD42W / LD42A

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