LightGraphix specialises in designing and manufacturing lighting for architectural, marine, and display use. Many of our products have been developed specifically for use on yachts, both internally and externally. Our marine fittings are designed with shallow recess depths, high IP ratings, and watertight fixing methods, and as such we are trusted by many quality boat yards. 

We also work with some of the top lighting designers worldwide and have developed numerous products in consultation with them. We pay particular attention to the lit effect and beam quality of our products, using the best LED and optic combinations to ensure high standards. All our products are manufactured in the UK, ensuring quality, flexibility in delivery, and production of custom lengths. LightGraphix has a global network of agents and sales coordinators readily available to help with your project needs.

As a company, we acknowledge that responsibility for the environment is essential to long-term, sustainable success. We ensure that every business choice considers this and that any negative effects are adequately addressed.