Our commitment to sustainability: the LightGraphix Environmental Policy has been released
17th Jul 2023

The LightGraphix Environmental Policy has now been published, formalising the commitments we have made and will continue to make to reduce the impact we have on our planet. As a company, we believe that remaining transparent and honest with these commitments is crucial.

The policy will be revised as needed to stay up-to-date and consistent with our objectives. We acknowledge that responsibility for the environment is essential to the long-term, sustainable success of LightGraphix, as it protects our workers, the individuals who work in our supply chains, and the regions in which we conduct business. We aim to make sure that every business choice takes this into account and that any negative effects are adequately addressed. 

From the tape we use in our packing department to the trees planted in our name, we hope to offer understanding into each and every measure we have in place to aid our mission, while also outlining our future plans and pledges.

Click here to read the LightGraphix Environmental Policy.