RLE awarded double honours by Build Back Better!
15th Sep 2022

We are excited to share that our RLE, Replaceable Light Engine system has been awarded a Platinum award and Green Rating at the Build Back Better Awards 2022. 

Build Back Better champions innovative and creative technologies and initiatives across the built environment, which point the way to a better future. In the lighting category, entries were individually assessed and ranked by a panel of 25 expert judges.  

Our exterior rated RLE system, provides customers with an unlimited ability to repair and upgrade LED fittings onsite, at any stage in their lifecycle, renewing them for decades with minimal material waste as a result. 

We are proud that RLE has achieved a Platinum level award, regarded as an initiative that has the potential to transform our industry. Additionally, RLE was bestowed with a Green rating, due to its strong sustainability values. 

This system is currently integrated across 20 miniature products rated up to IP67, all of which can be viewed here. To find out more about how our RLE system works, why not watch our video below?  

For us, tackling the miniature range is just the start of our RLE system initiative and marks a significant step towards achieving our environmental goals.  

Many thanks to the Build Back Better awards for this recognition and congratulations to all the successful applicants on their contribution to a sustainably built future.