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MY Lusine


MY Lusine is a fully custom steel motor yacht with an enclosed volume of 1,079 GT, built by Heesen Yachts. The lighting designer, Lighting Design International (LDI), used LightGraphix products to deliver powerful uplights, downlights, step lights, and surface-mounted lights to this 60-metre vessel.  

Many of our products have been developed specifically for use on yachts, both internally and externally. Our marine fittings are designed with shallow recess depths, high IP ratings, and watertight fixing methods. LDI required 2-channel products for this large project and unique custom solutions to align with the lighting vision. The following fittings were used: LD1094, LD10236, LD155, LD151T, LD56T, LD170, LD40, LD73SR, and custom LD1081s. The LD1081s were supplied in a special RAL colour and included a tilt film.  

In an interview with Super Yacht Content, LDI Founding Director Sally Storey said: “I decided to go against the yacht industry standard of grids of lights. I introduced my approach in the same way I would for a residential project which is to light what matters. For example, this can be the art, the centre of the room where a table is located, the blinds or curtains, and I put light where it was required – rather than following a grid. It also became apparent that coves were not essential if one had enough ambience from decorative light sources.” 

Storey said that lighting truly is one of the key ways a Superyacht can be transformed: “Different effects create different moods that can radically change a space. Lighting is something that one needs to experience. We can transform a space with light, which any other interior finish cannot do, at the touch of a button! Beach clubs can quickly turn into nightclubs, and lounge areas become discos. In turn, these transformations make the spaces on a Superyacht work even harder.” 

Lusine’s layout is tailored around the owners and their family lifestyle. Twelve guests are accommodated in six staterooms, with the owners’ apartment on the bridge deck aft. Lusine was the first yacht delivered by Heesen in 2022.  

Lusine Yacht


Heesen Yachts, Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design

David Churchill


Lighting Designer

Lighting Design International