LightGraphix are now part of the Rebel Light Circular Collection
2nd Jan 2024

LightGraphix is pleased to announce that many of our repairable fittings are now part of the Rebel Light Circular Collection. We are among the first companies to offer a solution for exterior-rated product repair and have done so using our Replaceable Light Engine system (RLE). It is a system that allows customers to repair and upgrade their LED engines at any stage of their lifespan while enabling the reuse of fittings. RLE, and Rebel Lights Circular Collection, promote sustainability, and long-lasting functionality. 

Robert Buxton, Joint Managing Director of LightGraphix, said: "We are very excited to have joined the Circular Collection with our Nordic partner Rebel Light. Our interior and exterior products will be featured, with the exterior range being one of the first to offer true circularity with our innovative Replaceable Light Engine (RLE) system. With fittings in the collection also having the ability to be serviced for up to 20 years, it gives more opportunities for customers to reuse them, which is a great way to increase the circularity of a product."

The products in Rebel Light’s Circular Collection each has:

  • Minimum 20-year service & repair guarantee
  • Renewal of product guarantee up to 25 years
  • Rebel Light as an authorised workshop for service & repair
  • Cash buyback with Renew and Reuse services