The Boathouse, Guildford
24th Jan 2024

The Boathouse is a three storey co-working space on the banks of the River Wey in Guildford. They wanted to establish the brand strategy, identity, interior design and brand activation, with a focus on sustainability and community, in their new renovation and lighting design.

The outdoor seating area uses our LD50 path light and LD51 miniature spotlight to create a warm and welcoming environment, while withstanding all weather conditions. The LD50 creates wide pools of light on the path using our Oval beam, with no upwards spill of light and extremely low glare. The LD51 is available in a range of finishes, suitable for interior and exterior applications, and adaptable to any environment. Mistry specified the LD51s in black with a full cowl for a discreet and layered look.

Our powerful LD10238 was also used to light the main signage, with the adjustable head locked on-site at the perfect angle. LED's with a 2-step Macadam ellipse were used to ensure colour consistency across the project. 

Lighting designer Mistry Lighting said: "By layering lighting, we have created a creative and inspiring environment to work in. The low-level decorative lighting brings comfort into the space. The café is lit to bring out the stunning features of the space and accommodate for events. Overall, the lighting has been designed for the users, to contribute to a healthier and more productive workplace."

Lighting Designer

Mistry Lighting