Product updates January 2024
30th Jan 2024


From the 30th of January 2024, we will be discontinuing the LD150 from our product range. Whilst the LD150 has been a major part of our range over the years, its design is very close to the LD151. To counteract the obsolescence of the LD150, we have made changes to the LD151 to allow the use of spring clips for interior applications. This will allow both interior and exterior applications to be serviced by the LD151, or of course the recent addition to the range, the LD141X.

LD42, LD42D, and LD43

In an effort to bring the LD42, LD42D and LD43 more in line with how our newer products are specified/configured, in another recent update we have removed the historic suffixes of W/A/R/AR, now having these options as configurable accessories on the singular parent product. Previously the glare shield was built into the bodies of the luminaires. They have been redesigned to allow a more sustainable and modular approach.