BLOG: Designing LD53
4th Mar 2024

The LD53 was designed to elevate the typical garden light concept and bring together form and functionality to create a practical yet sleek fitting, whilst complementing our LD50 path light. We began by speaking to lighting designers in 2022, to understand the exact application and requirements for this. This feedback helped us create a brief for an exterior fitting producing a homogeneous, 360° beam, with a range of mounting options and finishes.  

Freddie Prentice, the lead designer on the product, said: “The LD53 is a highly versatile fitting designed to look just as much at home in a garden as it does on a wall. While the fitting maintains a minimal look from the outside, lots of engineering went into the internal design to optimise it for various applications. In some instances, the light source is visible. Therefore, to create a homogeneous output from the fitting, an assortment of diffusers was tested to find the perfect balance between ensuring uniformity, whilst maintaining a high output.” 

A large part of our product DNA includes unparalleled glare control, which is difficult to achieve on a product such as this when beam output is crucial. One solution we found is that we designed the LD53 to have an optional 20° tilt, allowing installers to angle the underside of the head away from the line of sight. You are able to change and lock the angle post-installation without a tool, as the adjustable version includes a twisting knurled collar on the stem. This eliminates the need for extra tools or unnecessary materials to be supplied and subsequently becoming waste.  

Prentice continued: “The body of the fitting has been designed to stop glare, but through the addition of a custom reflector, the spread of light isn’t affected. Further output control is created through the addition of the hidden ball joint; its design was continuously refined to make it flush with the stem and lockable, without compromising on the simple aesthetics. These features lend the LD53 to be well suited to several different applications.”  

In January 2024, the LD53 was shortlisted for a DARC award. We are very proud to be in the running, all of our products are made in the UK at our Crayford facility by our skilled production team. The LD53 is set apart from other fittings of a similar nature as it has excellent RGBW capabilities. 

After gathering client feedback on the design, and creating many 3D printed and machined prototypes, the final product was launched in November 2023 at LiGHT23 in London. The 2200K and RGBW LEDs received excellent feedback, with comments on the colour mixing and the ease of changing hues.  

For more information on the specifications of the LD53, please visit its product page on our website - - or speak to a member of the sales team: [email protected].